Akshar Ghai CEO & Managing Director

Akshar, born in 1987 has been Managing Director of ALMAMET India Private limited since April 2013. He is taking care of complete operations of company since its incorporation . Mr. Ghai graduated with a degree of L.L.B from University of Pune in 2011 and thereafter worked with a law firm in New Delhi till February 2013

Bernhard Rauch Director

Bernhard, born 1955 has been Director of ALMAMET India since the foundation of the company. He is mainly responsible for the legal as well as the financial structure of the company. Mr. Rauch graduated with a degree of LFU from University of Innsbruck in 1981. He holds various Management-Positions including CFO at ALMAMET GmbH. He is part of the ALMAMET group since the beginning.