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Imagine an industry where resources are used responsibly and the potential of these resources is being utilized at its maximum, providing the best possible product and minimizing the output of emissions. Imagine a place where knowledge is passed on to increase the efficiency and safety of every person concerned. A place where the current standard is always being questioned to constantly develop an idea or product. We, at ALMAMET, want to create this place. Every day.

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ALMAMET takes responsibility for the environment to ensure that our environment is a place worth living also for future generations. We have developed strategies and taken specific action towards the environment and the earth’s resources.

Environment certificate
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ALMAMET ensures a healthy, safe working condition through explicit instructions and logical processes. Twice a year ALMAMET is the organizer of a large safety seminar where customers, suppliers, employees and other concerned person are invited. In September 2019 Almamet’s Safety Seminar was held in Manchester, England and the upcoming safety seminar will be held in Germany in March,2020. ALMAMET has committed itself to maintain and further develop current safety standards.

Safety Policy
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ISO 9001:2008:

ALMAMET is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization complying with all the requisites of the Quality Management System in order to adhere to our commitment of continual improvement and innovation of quality products. Using ISO 9001:2008 ALMAMET assures that customers get consistent, top quality products and services.

ISO certificate1
ISO certificate2
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Since the foundation of ALMAMET, “Quality” plays an essential role throughout the whole organization and group. ALMAMET is always eager of exceeding expectations, whether you are a customer, supplier, employee or any other organization or person having an interest on ALMAMET. Exceeding expectations is one of the core values of our organization and is being communicated day by day.

Quality Policy